Dream Bravely | Social Package
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Show Off… on social!


The perfect package

to get you noticed

Whether your offer is a product, an idea, your face, or whatever… you need to show it off (proudly!) with the right pics and videos on your social channels.


This package is designed to be as flexible as you – whether you need pictures only, a mix of video and stills, just one day, or more. We’ll get you covered so that you can show off your offer for weeks and even months to come!


Receive your custom quote today:

Praise from our tribe…

“We met on a film set, but as we began to work I understood in a second that – oh wow, this girl is my kind of director! … She has a clear vision, but she also listens to creative teams, to actors, and she let’s them improvise, which is great.” – Kristina Pakhomova – actress, producer, model

“Part of the reason I was able to scale my businesses to where I have is because of the stories and the videos that I made with Sarah… . The first video single handedly made me over 2million USD in sales.” – Cat Howell – digital marketing guru

Filmic Videos + Photos


… because, we take visuals seriously

Filmic Portraiture

Ready to show off your offer?